DIY: Christmas mesh wreath

HOUSTON -- Traditional or whimsical, that is the question? Every year I create a traditional Christmas wreath for my door and this year I decided to go the whimsical route. Mesh Christmas wreaths are very popular and extremely easy to make. All you need are a few items from your local craft store and about an hour of your time. As always, remember to get creative and have fun.

Items Needed
Mesh ribbon (I used 2 colors, but you can use as many as you want)
Pipe cleaners
Decorative wired ribbon
Wire floral ring (your choice of size)

First, cut the mesh ribbon into 30" strips, you may cut them longer or shorter depending on the size of the metal floral ring that you bought.

Cut all of the mesh from both reams, you may need more than 2 reams of mesh ribbon depending on the size of the metal floral ring.

Fold one end of the mesh ribbon into the middle and fold the other end of the mesh ribbon into the middle to meet the first end, it should look like a bow tie.

Using the pipe cleaner, twist the middle of the bow tie to hold it together.

Leave a little bit of the pipe cleaner so that you can tie the bow to the wire floral ring. I staggered the bows, one red, and one green all the way around the wire ring until it was full.

Add the decorative ribbon through the wreath by wrapping it around the wreath and through the wire ring. You could also add decorative trinkets for a more festive look.