How to save money on your cable bill

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Are you ready to cut the cord? We are talking about cable. With so many options, we searched for ways to reduce your bill or cut it out all together.

Eyewitness News viewer Karen Fennell is looking for a way to save money. She has both cable and satellite bills that total over $280 a month. She made two phone calls lasting 20 minutes each and was able to negotiate a better price on her satellite service.

Next, Fennell plans to research streaming services to see if she can cut the cord completely.

Here are some options she is considering, provided by Consumer Reports.

Netflix is still king of the binge.

It's $8 per month for standard definition video on a single screen, $10 per month for high-def video on up to two screens and $12 per month for 4k UHD video on up to four screens.

Hulu is for cord cutters who don't want to miss out on broadcast TV.

Hulu has current shows from ABC, Fox, and NBC, older shows from CBS, plus the "Seinfeld" library.

It's $8 a month with ads and $12 month without ads.

With Dish's Sling TV, you don't get individual shows, you get channels. The basic orange package comes with about 20 cable offerings, including A&E, Food Network and TBS, but not broadcast TV. It's also one of only a few ways you can get ESPN without a TV service. Themed add-on packs cost $5 per month, and HBO costs $15 per month.
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