Create children's book nooks for under $5

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- As your little ones head back to school, you may want to consider creating a designated place in the house for reading and homework.

Often times this can help them focus and accomplish more, and it can be done for little to no money.

You can buy pre-made tents, but they will run $30-$50.

Literacy advocate and author Melissa Williams has ideas for three DIY book nooks that cost $5 or less. She says creating the space is a great activity to do as a family.

"Usually you can gather anything from around the house, sheets, ribbons, boxes to put the books in," Williams said.

If space is an issue, you can turn any wall into her Bright Lights Reading Nook.

Bright Lights, Reading Nook:
- Book shelf bracket
- 3 small nails
- Hammer
- 2 Flat Bed Sheets
- Holiday Lights
- 2 Pillows
- Books
- Pens and Pencils

She grabs two pairs of sheets from around the house and drapes them over a wall hanger. Attach the hanger to the wall using a $2 wall mount and a couple of nails.

Williams used a pair of hand weights to hold the sheets out. Finish the nook with some holiday lights.

If you don't want to put holes in the all, try your hand at creating a Closet Nook.

Closet Nook:
- Extendable shower rod
- 2 Flat Bed Sheets
- 2 Pieces of Ribbon
- Books and Coloring Book
- Pens, pencils and markers

Take the $5 expandable shower curtain rod and put it in the closet. Grab a few sheets and ribbons, and you can turn the closet into a reading haven.

The little girls created their own Tent Nook in the living room.

Tent Nook:
- 1 Flat Bed sheet
- Mop pole (for tent-like look)
- 1 Couch
- 4 Chairs
- 4 Blankets
- 2 Pillows
- Books

"First we put blankets on the couch, we used a mop stick to make the ceiling high. Then we tied the sheet on each chair and put blankets over that," said 10-year-old Zoey Hess. "It's fun because you can decide the style and you can always change it."

This nook was free!

For more information on Melissa Williams, please visit her website.

Ten-year-old Zoey Hess is also a published author. For more on her book "The Birthday of an Angel," visit her website.
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