Consumer Reports rates best bug sprays

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- More rain means more mosquitos.

As soon as we start drying out, the bugs will be out in full force.

Recent tests show the best bug sprays and some other products already in your home that will protect you against the pesky bugs.

Consumer Reports found that products made with milder, plant-like chemicals were the most effective. Even the top scorers outperformed products that contained deet, a chemical that did best in other Consumer Reports ratings but can cause side effects.

The product that scored best overall is Sawyer Fisherman's Premium Insect Repellent. It comes in a pump and is deet-free, but contains 20 percent Picaridin. You can find it online for $8.25.

Repel Lemon Eucalyptus is another deet-free and was second overall in Consumer Reports' test. It contains 30 percent oil of eucalyptus and will cost you $7.

Rounding out the top three was another product from Repel - the Repel Scented Family with 15 percent deet. The aerosol spray can costs $7.50.

We also asked ABC-13 Facebook friends for their opinion on what works best to battle the bugs.

Two viewers said Johnson and Johnson Baby Creamy Oil really works to fight mosquitos. It contains aloe vera and Vitamin E. It is an affordable option, only costing $3.64 at Walmart.

Other Facebook fans chimed in and recommend some items that may already be in your home. They say peppermint oil, Listerine, and scented dryer sheets rubbed on the skin all help to fight off the bugs.

Another viewer says Deep Woods Off "really, really works." Although it contains 25 percent deet, Deep Woods Off Dry was rated number five on the Consumer Reports top rated products. null
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