Broken TV? Turn to Ted team fixes delivery issue

Whenever you purchase a big ticket item, you'd expect it to be in working order. But if problems arise, you'd hope the store you bought it from would work toward a resolution. So when a local couple was having difficulties getting a damaged big screen television exchanged, they turned to our ABC13 Turn to Ted team.

LeCream Jinks and her husband say the smart TV they purchased from Conn's was working on the day it was delivered, but started having issues on day two.

They purchased a 65-inch LG Television from Conn's. Once it was brought into the home, Jinks says she signed off on the delivery -- but didn't fully read the document.

"I was basically approving, you know, its delivery," Jinks said.

Delivery crews made sure it was working by showing the couple the LG welcoming screen.

But the next day, they found the TV had problems.

"The first response was, ma'am, you dropped the television. We did not drop the television," Jinks said.

After multiple calls, Conn's sent someone out to inspect the television.

"So he then tells my husband that there is no possible way that the television could have been damaged outside of the box," Jinks said.

Even after the inspector filed his report with Conn's, Jinks says the retailer told her there was nothing they could do.

So the couple turned to us, and we turned to Conn's. Shortly after that -- the couple was contacted by Conn's to setup a delivery for a replacement television.

"Conn's HomePlus is committed to delivering excellent customer service, including appropriate and timely solutions for customers' concerns," Conn's said in a statement. "In this instance, while Conn's and the customer agreed that the product was delivered in good working order and without damage, Conn's reinforced its customer care promise to provide a replacement TV as a gesture of goodwill to Ms. Simpson-Jinks."

Advice for any consumer that's receiving big ticket items like a television or even furniture: make sure it's in proper working order and fully inspect the product before signing off on documentation. And when it comes to that document, make sure you read and fully understand it before agreeing to the retailer's terms.

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