Santa Fe woman struggling to get fallen tree removed due to thousands of bees

SANTA FE, TX (KTRK) -- Bees and a fallen tree are making a difficult combination for a woman in Santa Fe.

The bees have been in the garage of the home on 7th Street near Avenue P for years, and while they weren't hurting anyone, now that this tree has fallen, it's hard to find someone willing to do the job of removing the tree.

The bees are not worried one bit. Their hive has been inside the walls of this garage for quite some time.

Homeowner Judy Wagner said, "I have had these bees about three years. I have just watched them come in and go and I haven't really messed with them because, you know, they weren't messing with me, so I haven't messed with them."

But the trouble started three weeks ago when the tree fell on to the garage. Tree service companies are unwilling to remove the tree until he bees are gone.

Wagner explained, "Nobody will cut the tree the down or get it off the roof because they say once they start up the chain saw it will make the bees mad and after three years there are no telling how many bees are in there. There could be thousands of bees in there."

Wagner says she has the money to remove the tree or the bees, but not both.

She said, "I don't want to spray them because they told me the hive, they told me the hive after three years is humongous and there is tons of honey."

We called a few bee removal companies and finally found one that has agreed to do the job for the honey in the wall.
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