Before you paint: 3 things every homeowner should know

HOUSTON -- Once your sheetrock is set, it's time to paint.

Daniel Quiroz, assistant manager of Home Depot, gave Eyewitness News several expert tips for making sure your home looks its very best:

Get the right tools for your paint job
You'll need the following to paint your fresh new walls:
  • Painter's tape
  • A tarp or some type of floor covering
  • Primer (unless you purchase paint with primer already added in)
  • Paint brushes and applicators
  • Your choice of paint
  • Ventilator masks (optional, for comfort)

Consider the type of texture you want
When you paint, Quiroz said there are different types of texture, like "smooth," "sand," "knockdown," and "popcorn." You can spray on these textures or have sand put in your paint to apply the texture as you roll the paint on. Decide this first before you even purchase paint and texture.

Get the right kind of paint
Just like the different textures, you'll also have a lot of options at the hardware store on paint choices. Quiroz said here are some things to remember:
  • Latex paint: Best in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Oil-based paint: Best in kitchens
  • Semi-gloss paint: Great for colored paints and different earth tones, like "eggshell"

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