WATCH: 7-year-old boy with one arm hits home run

ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- Who says it always takes two to make a thing go right? Not Little League player Tommy Morrissey.

The 7-year-old hit a home run at his season opener Saturday afternoon with just one arm!

Morrissey was born missing most of his right arm, but that hasn't stopped him from hitting home runs for his Little League team, the St. Louis Cardinals, or from having batting practice against a retiree from Major League Baseball.

A week prior to the game, Morrissey spent the day with the professional St. Louis Cardinals and went up against two-time World Series champion Chris Carpenter for batting practice.

His all-star swing doesn't just hit home runs - it whips golf balls down the green, too!

At age 3, Morrissey was deemed a golf prodigy and appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as on Fox Sports with Tiger Woods.

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