Winter weather: Prepare your house against pests

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Thursday, February 11, 2021
Winter weather brings some 'unwelcome guests' to your home
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We are talking about bugs and rodents. They want to make themselves at home too, so what can you do about it?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As we get ready for the cold weather there are some steps you can take right now to make sure no unwanted guests move in to stay warm.

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The last time it got really cold here, pest control companies gave us some things you can do to prevent pests from getting inside your house.

Exterminators know cold weather leaves pests seeking a warm place and, if not properly protected, your home could be just the right spot.

In order to keep critters and bugs at bay, experts advise you to inspect the perimeter of your home for cracks, gaps or holes.

Once you've found those small openings, use caulk to fill them.

Next, check window and door screens for gaps or holes, and replace any broken seals.

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Finally, make sure the screens on soffits that vent your attic are secure.

Jeff Ehling had a squirrel get through an old screen covering our home's soffit. Fortunately, he was able to get rid of it, and he replaced the wire covering. The total cost was less than $25.

The best advice? Check your house soon for ways critters can get inside, before it gets too cold.

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