Home invasion suspect wanted for sexually abusing two young girls in their Chicago bedrooms

CHICAGO, Illinois -- Police have a major clue that could help find the man who sexually abused two young girls, ages 11 and 13, in their bedrooms.

The Chicago Police Department released video Wednesday night showing a person of interest walking down an alley around 2:15 a.m. Sunday. Alderman Michele Smith said in an alert sent out earlier this week that he got in using a door that was left unlocked.

Police said the man came into the bedroom of a 13-year-old girl and sexually abused her while she was sleeping.

About 20 minutes later, a sleeping 11-year-old girl was sexually abused at another home.

Police described the suspect as a white male between 20 and 30 years old with short brown or strawberry blonde hair. He is about 5' 6" and weighs about 160 pounds. Police also said the suspect is a smoker.

Alderman Smith reminded everyone in her ward to lock their doors and remain vigilant.

People who live in the neighborhood said they had been waiting for the surveillance photos to come out ever since they heard about what happened to the two girls over Memorial Day weekend.

"It's extremely mortifying," said Tim Petersen, who lives near where the second attack occurred.

"This is a whole different level of concern, I think, for everybody," said Katherine Erwin, who lives near where the first attack occurred. "I'm not sure we would have noticed him as anyone suspicious in this neighborhood."

Many neighbors said it is common to see young people cutting through the alleys on a holiday weekend.

"It appears that he would blend in pretty well in the neighborhood, so no one would necessarily have picked him out," said Michele McVey, who lives near where the second attack occurred.

Neighbors said they have made a special effort to lock up. Some even installed security cameras.

"I hope somebody, if they notice that person, know who it is, definitely turn them in," Petersen said.
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