How residents are finding humor during the holidays after Harvey

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- No Christmas tree? No problem.

Hurricane Harvey has left many people in the Houston area still rebuilding and recovering during the holidays, and while it's been a struggle for some, others are trying to stay positive and find humor in their situation.

In Kingwood, Lara Zuckerman Hicks and her family have had a hard time getting into the spirit of Christmas. During Harvey, they got about a foot of water in their home.

"It was difficult to tear up the home that we have spent the last 25 years remodeling," Hicks said.

Like many who were impacted by the hurricane, Hicks did not have a tree to put up for Christmas. Instead, they got a ladder and decorated it with a few ornaments and a big red ribbon on top.

Kim Morrison Murdock's home in Katy got about six inches of water from Harvey. She said she's lucky it wasn't worse, but they still had to do a lot of repairs to the house.

For the holidays, she shared a photo of their Christmas set up in the middle of their gutted home that includes a small, plastic Christmas tree, a nativity scene, Santa snow globe and a sign that says "Murdock" and "Katy Strong."

"Christmas 1, Harvey 0," Murdock's Facebook read.

Allison Taylor Hoopes is showing that her unfinished home doesn't have to look so unfinished. She shared a photo on Facebook of her DIY fireplace, created out of construction paper with a fake fire.

Many people are also getting creative with their Christmas cards this year, making it Harvey-themed.

Samantha Rozier Rich used some Harvey humor for their cards.

"Come hell or Harvey water. Sending floods of love from our family to yours this holiday season," the card reads.

The card features the family in what appears to be a boat similar to Noah's Ark.

Rich, whose neighborhood in Cinco Ranch flooded, said they've tried to remain positive as they continue to rebuild their lives.

Elizabeth Gall Leger posed with her family in front of their Katy home, all of them holding items used to fix their Harvey-damaged home.

"We posted this picture to thank everyone for their help and be a little sassy," Leger said.

Stasie Brocker Smith is proving that her family remains Houston strong after the hurricane.

Her three children are pictured on their Christmas card holding a broom and pick ax, wearing hard hats in the middle of their home without walls.

"That card is a symbolic of our love for our home and neighborhood. It's such a blessing for those of us to find happy moments in this nonsense," Smith said.

All of these families are showing that although it has been a tough and devastating few months, their love and strength continues to make them resilient.

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