Thanksgiving travel: Tips for easing your holiday commute

Texans plan to travel more this Thanksgiving than any other since 2007.

A reported 3.7 million people across the state plan to travel more than 50 miles away from their home this week, according to the automotive club AAA.

About 246,000 Texans plan to take to the sky. Another 3.4 million plan to hit the open road in Texas.

Sarah Schimmer with AAA Texas told abc13 the volume of people can translate into headaches if you're not prepared for a road trip. Schimmer says check weather and construction conditions ahead of a trip. The easy process could save drivers time and aggravation.

"So people will be traveling very heavily that Wednesday before Thanksgiving and then that Sunday coming back. Make sure you're being very thoughtful and giving yourself plenty to time," said Schimmer. "We're expecting a record number of people on the roads. Make sure you're doing basic maintenance before you push your car for several hundred miles."

Schimmer also suggested for every two hours of travel on the roadways, build in an extra hour to your commute to make sure you reach family and friends on time.

If you currently subscribe to roadside assistance through an insurance company, AAA, or other program, download their app for your smartphone.
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