6 things to watch out for this holiday season

FULSHEAR, TX (KTRK) -- With the holiday season here, the Fulshear Police are urging people to be vigilant about scams that are likely to surface this winter.

From gift card scams to the sale of counterfeit goods to fake charities, here are some of those to lookout for this time of the year.

1. The Gift Card Scam
Consumers are being warned that thieves record the numbers on gift cards then call the customer service departments identified on the back of the cards to see if (and when) they have been activated.

2. Fake Charities
It's the season for giving, but make sure you are giving to a legitimate charity. Call the main office of any non-profit organization that approaches you to make sure they actually have one. Check with the Office of the Attorney General in your state. To contact the office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, tap here.

3. Temporary Holiday Jobs
When these job postings are advertised online, make sure you aren't giving your personal finance information or your Social Security number. Never send your information digitally unless you know the recipient uses proper security protocols.

4. Phishing Emails
These can come in the form of sales promotions from brands you know and love (always make sure the URL matches exactly and that you never provide any personal information on any web page unless the URL is secure and starts with "https"). Always double-check URLs.

5. Hotel Scams
When you are traveling, beware of fraudulent flyers being shoved under your door or lookout for the front desk scam.

6. Fake Shipping Notifications
Be on alert for messages that say "we are out of stock" or a notice that a package was received. Thieves are thinking you might click their malware-laden links, which can lead to information taken from you.
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