Ways to teach your kids to be grateful during holiday excess

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's the time of year when families really focus on teaching kids how to be grateful.

It can be a real challenge when the holidays bring so much excess.

We have heard from viewers asking for ideas to teach generosity while in the middle of the holiday hustle.

Start Simple

Encourage your kids to write thank you notes for gifts they'll receive this month. Also, encourage that habit for their birthdays and other special events.

Count Blessings of the Past

Ask your kids to recite their blessings out loud. It teaches them two things: That material things aren't what we remember most and that the best gifts and blessings can't be purchased.

Teach By Example

This goes for any behavior you want your kids to exhibit but it's important to lead by example and give as a family. Either have your children see you donate money or donate your time together this holiday season.

Minimize Excess

Sometimes the best lesson you can pass on to your kids is that "less is more." One way to do that is to donate toys your kids don't play with anymore.

Remember to help your kids resist comparisons and don't try to keep up with friends, family or neighbors. Remind them of how little we actually need to be happy.

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