Married to the limelight: Couple star in newest Alley Theatre production

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Alley Theatre's newest production might have you feeling like the actors aren't really acting.

"We're actually fighting less and less since we've been rehearsing," joked actor Elizabeth Bunch. "We're getting it all out."

Bunch and her husband, Chris Hutchison, have been together for 17 years. They got married in 2005, and they officially joined the Alley Theatre's resident company around the same time.

Bunch and Hutchison have acted together in 51 shows at the Alley Theatre, but the Alley's newest production, titled 'Constellations,' will be the first time they will star together in a play.

In fact, they're the only two actors that will be on stage.

"This wouldn't work for everybody, certainly, but this works for us and has for a long time," Hutchison explained.

"It's easier and harder," added Bunch. "But I think deeper no matter what."

The show follows a couple as they go through different versions of life.

The concept is similar to 'Choose Your Own Adventure,' where each story is written from a second-person point of view.

"We have not lived through some of the things that some of these characters have lived through, and it's terrifying to actually put yourself in that place and then look at your spouse and think that you're actually going through it," said Bunch.

The couple said maybe it's the emotions and the universal truths of relationships that make their partnership work.

"There's a layer of truth that exists that's normally something you spend all your rehearsal period getting at," said Bunch.

'Constellations' begins May 3 and ends on June 2.

You can purchase tickets here.

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