6-year-old girl gets stuck in Frisco claw machine after double dog dare

FRISCO, TX (KTRK) -- When Juliette Grimes' older sister dared her that she couldn't get a ball out of a claw machine, the 6-year-old set out to prove big sis wrong.

She didn't need quarters. She didn't need any skill. After all, those claw machines are rigged anyway.

Instead, the 6-year-old used her brains and brawn.

"I opened the door, and I had my legs out," Juliette told KTVT-TV when asked how she got stuck inside the machine. "I opened the door, then put my whole body in there... and I got (the) balls."

But then, Juliette realized there was one big problem to her great claw machine scheme.

"I couldn't get back out," she said.

Juliette's mother, Cecilia Green, was just a few feet away talking with some other adults when the 1st grader quickly slipped into the game. Green said she honestly wasn't too surprised.

"In her world, there are no challenges," Green told KTVT-TV. "If there's a boundary, they're meant for other kids. Not for her."

Green ended up having to call for help, and Frisco firefighters were glad to assist. They quickly came to the rescue and freed the adventurous girl in just a matter of minutes.

Big sister Katy, who is 8 years old, then admitted to being behind the whole thing.

"I haven't told my Mom this yet, but, MAYBE it was a double dog dare." Katy said with a grin before telling her younger sister, "I hope you learned your lesson!"

Let's just hope she doesn't issue any triple dog dare yous anytime soon.

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