Beachcomber finds wedding band with unique inscription

MASSAPEQUA, NY -- Who's the owner of a wedding band found on a volley ball field on Long Island?

A man, who in his spare time loves to find lost treasures with his metal detector, discovered the ring in Massapequa.

He says he's hoping clues inscribed on the inside will lead him to the ring's rightful owner.

"You never know what's going to come out of the ground," said Steve Auletta, a beachcomber.

In the years he's been using his metal detector to scan the beaches and hillsides around New York State; Steve Auletta has found a lot of stuff like coins of course, but much more.

"We found a bayonet from the early 1800's, military buttons, musket balls," Steve Auletta said.

But just before Christmas, Auletta was scanning at the volley ball field at Marjorie Post Park when he made a big find.

"Within five minutes, I found this beautiful men's wedding band and I took it home, I cleaned it up and you know, there's an inscription on the inside, and I'm just trying to find the owner," Steve Auletta said.

The wedding ring has a unique inscription on it. It says RILY forever. His granddaughter Marisa had to tell him the RILY means "Remember I Love You".

He had found rings before, lots of rings, but this one was different, it had an inscription on it. Even Marissa knew why that made it important.

"It belongs to the owner, and the owner, it's very special to them and (even if they get a new one) it's not the same," said Marisa Auletta, Steve's granddaughter.

For Mr. Auletta, this is a hobby; he doesn't do it for the money. Still, he could sell the ring. But what kind of lesson would that be for Marissa. Oh, and by the way, there's also a date inscribed on the ring. If you can name it, Steve's holding your ring for you.

"I won't sell it," Steve Auletta said.
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