Strangers' kindness washes over fire victims with newborn

HITCHCOCK, TX (KTRK) -- A Hitchcock family who lost everything they own in a fire is experiencing the generosity of Eyewitness News viewers.

When Chad and Leslie Hunt's apartment burned down last Saturday, their baby room was destroyed. Later that same night, Leslie went into labor.

"If he had been born before that night," said Chad, "He probably wouldn't be alive today."

The Hunts had no crib, no diapers, and no home when we met Chad.

But, after our story aired, viewers stepped up. They've dropped off thousands of dollars in baby gifts and donated than $13,000 in cash.

"Especially when you think that you're in a world full of so much negative and so much bad," said Chad, "and then one little thing like this brings all these people together and shows you how much good there really is in the world."

The Hunts now plan on donating the items they don't need.
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