Teen badly injured in hit-and-run crash 2 days after high school graduation

BAYTOWN, Texas (KTRK) -- Just two days after high school graduation, 18-year-old Jesus Lozano's life was turned upside down in a hit-and-run crash.

"I thought that was just the last moments of my life. I honestly did," Lozano said.

He was celebrating with family and friends in Texas City before driving back home to Baytown in his prized 1983 Pontiac lowrider. That's when the car broke down on the side of Texas 146.

"I was following my mom, and for some reason, the car decided to turn off. Maybe we ran out of gas or something, because my gauge didn't work," he said.

Lozano and his friend Jonathan Prieto were stranded on the road when a truck started barreling right at them.

"When they were coming, I barely missed the truck from hitting me. I had to run and throw myself to the floor," Prieto said.

He made it out of the way, but the red Yukon hit the Pontiac and shoved it into Lozano.

"I tried getting up, but I couldn't get up, and he said to just stay down," Lozano said.

"He was on the floor and couldn't move. I was praying to God everything would turn out good," Prieto said.

Paramedics took Lozano to the hospital. Amazingly, he has no broken bones. He is left with severe bruising and scrapes.

The two people in the Yukon stopped for a moment after the crash.

"They looked around. They looked toward us. They jumped in, took off," Prieto said.

Baytown police said they found the Yukon abandoned a few miles away. They're working now to track down the driver.

These teens are learning just how fragile life really is, and they're hoping the person responsible is found before they hurt anyone else.

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