Hillary Clinton writes letter to 8-year-old girl who lost bid for class president

COLLEGE PARK, Maryland (KTRK) -- Hillary Clinton wrote a letter to an 8-year-old girl who lost an election for class president.

Martha Kennedy Morales lost her third-grade school election to a boy by only one vote.

Clinton told Morales that she knows "too well, it's not easy" to run for "a role that's only been sought by boys."

"I was pretty sad because, I mean it was disappointing," Morales said. "I mean like we knew that the runner up was going to get vice president, but still it's disappointing to figure out that you lost something that you fought for really hard and you put a lot of effort into it."

In the letter, Clinton also wrote to Morales, "As you continue to learn and grow in the years ahead, never stop standing up for what is right and seeking opportunities to be a leader."

Morales also said she plans on writing Clinton back to thank her and invite her to speak at the private school.
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