Construction to raise flood-prone highway by 2 feet finishes up

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- During the shutdown, you may have been at home, but TxDOT crews have been out on the roads.

For the past two years, TxDOT has been raising flood-prone Highway 87 in Galveston County, and they're finishing just in time for hurricane season.

TxDOT is elevating Highway 87 by two feet, between Highway 124 to Rollover Pass.

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Crews began working in May 2018 and have just completed striping the roadway.

In addition to raising Highway 87, TxDOT also brought a portion of the roadway inland. They straightened out the curve near Highway 124 that was close to the shore, and added rocks to help keep water off the road.

Highway 87 serves as the Bolivar Peninsula's only evacuation route.

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