Audio of dispatchers, officers on ground discussing HPD chopper crash

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One officer died following the crash of a Houston police helicopter at a Greenspoint apartment complex Saturday morning.

The officer is survived by his wife and two young children.

A second officer is in critical condition at the hospital.

Here's what dispatchers and officers on the ground were discussing during the chopper crash.

00:00- "Our CSU guys are saying that the helicopter went down."

00:09- "Benmar and Imperial"

01:55- "Helicopter crash near the beltway. Imperial at Greens is where they dropped it."

2:49- "We got an officer down. Officer down. Send HFD."

3:01: "I need extinguishers, extinguishers."

3:42 "Did you get the officers out?" Negative ma'am they are pinned good."

4:15 "Set up some kind of landing for Life Flight."

4:20- "Hey, we got the tennis courts right here. That will work for the landing."

9:40- "We have two Life Flight Helicopters en route."

18:00- "They just got the second one out."

18:33- "Second pilot's been extricated."

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