Holiday porch package theft has happy ending for Heights homeowner

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Package thieves are the Grinches of the holiday season but landed back in jail, only weeks after finishing a sentence for stealing.

A homeowner in the Heights caught the crime on surveillance camera last week - a man boldly walking straight up to her door and stealing a box full of baby clothes. She turned the video over to Precinct 1.

They instantly recognized him as Damien Denes, who was arrested in October for stealing motor scooters near White Oak Bayou. He only served a brief sentence and was released a few weeks ago.

Denes was picked up by police Monday and is now facing felony theft charges because of his criminal history.

There is a good ending to this story, proving just how dedicated these deputies are to justice.

Denes allegedly pawned the packages he stole, including those baby clothes. But Precinct 1 deputies went the extra mile and tracked down the store, getting back those clothes for a very grateful homeowner.
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