Kitten found severely burned rescued by Houston SPCA

WARNING: Video contains graphic images
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston SPCA is looking for a permanent home for Harmon, after he was rescued two weeks ago.

The 24-hour injured animal staff responded to a call from a concerned neighbor about a tiny kitten with a wound on its head. The kitten was found with a severe burn on the top of his head and a burn on his front paws.

His eyes were swollen shut and he was in significant pain.

The 10-week-old kitten has showed incredible resiliency. According to the Houston SPCA, the difference in just two weeks has been nothing short of amazing.

Harmon's wounds were carefully cleaned, and he was sent to a foster home with one of Houston SPCA's employees so he can continue to heal.

Once his wounds close completely, Harmon will be sent to a veterinary ophthalmologist to fix his eyes, and then will be ready for a permanent home.
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