Student with special hearing needs turns to Ted

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In most every way, Cassin Crooks is a typical Houston second grader.

Basketball at recess is his favorite part of the day, but when pressed, he's willing to admit he does have a favorite subject.

"Science," Cassin said.

Cassin was born deaf. His Cochlear implants now allow him to hear. But in a crowded classroom full of energetic second graders, it can get hard for Cassin to find the teacher's voice.

"He hears all the talking behind him, or around him, or in front of him. Unless his teacher is yelling, then he can pay attention to her," Cassin's mom Chermaine said.

Which is why he needs an FM system. It's a transmitter connected to a small microphone his teachers wear during class that then sends the audio straight to Cassin so he can hear.

HISD has them all over the district.

And Cassin's mom was told he could get one too.

She started asking at the start of summer, and at first, the principal at Law Elementary was on it, but then he left Law and the momentum went with him.

"I was frustrated because I feel as if the administration was not listening to me," Chermaine said.

She told us all she needed was HISD to transfer a device the district already owned to Cassin's school and give his teacher a few minutes of training.

When it still wasn't done a week out from school, she called us.

We reached out to the district, and magically, the device showed up and Cassin loves his new teacher.

"The HISD superintendent did call me and she was very apologetic," Chermaine said.

HISD told us in part, "The district strives to ensure that each step in this process meets and helps advance the student's needs while also complying with the law."

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