How to keep your skin healthy during the holidays

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Got a case of the holiday party face? It happens to both men and women after having a little too much fun at those holiday gatherings.

We're talking the effects of too many salty snacks, sweet treats, and alcoholic beverages. And the result? Well, a bloated, tired face doesn't exactly make for a great photo.

Dorian Goldstein Reeves is a teacher and mom, and while the entire school year is a whirlwind, during the holidays, her speed is full-throttle.

" We have parties at her school, my school, our friends' parties," Reeves said.

Her mother, Judy Goldstein, is a business owner and busy grandma.

"I never stop during the holiday season. I get up, I'm on the go. I'm running around," Goldstein said.

And their diets?

"What diet? I'm never on a diet during the holiday season. It's constant fatty food, a lot of wine," Reeves said.

And that's exactly what Advanced Dermatology's Dr. Sherry Ingraham said you don't want to do.

"After a lot of partying, we all know what happens. Fluid goes to places where the skin is thinner and distends the skin," Ingraham said.

So, under eye bags, dark circles and sallow, bloated skin are all the result of party hearty. So, start with drinking lots of water and alternate that with your alcoholic beverages.

Ingraham said chill a good eye cream and apply when you wake up. Then take a look at your skin's texture.

"I've got dry skin. It seems like I've got more wrinkles, and I'm very self-conscious about that," Goldstein said.

"Products you want to look for, especially during the holiday season - lipid rich products, products that are moisturizing and products with antioxidants. So, vitamins C, E, serums - you really get what you pay for with the serums," Ingraham said.

Also, drink your antioxidants. It's a natural one like green tea that can give you a boost.

And this is hard, but try to avoid sugar. Sugar is one of the worst things for our skin. It actually makes us age more quickly, so if we can limit our Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, Ingraham said we'll see a major difference in our skin and the scale.

Finally, if you really need a little pick-me-up, Ingraham said a little Botox goes a long way. It can give you a lift and brighten you up. For Reeves, it's the perfect holiday gift for herself.

"I think it's going to make a world of difference."
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