Houston will soon see an influx of health care jobs, study finds

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Houston area will need health care workers as the region grows, but the pipeline to teach those skills is lacking.

A recent study shows one in four jobs in Houston will be in the health care field by 2036, which is good to know if you are contemplating a career or maybe considering a new career path.

The Center for Houston's Future recently took a look at how health care impacts the region.

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In part, what they found was that thousands of jobs will be created in health care, and there is a need to expand the teaching of those skills to future workers.

Obviously, nurses will be in demand. But let's face it, changing career fields to become a nurse is simply not practical for everyone.

However, the study found there will be huge growth in home health services and outpatient care centers. Those are fields you can look into now in order to have a high demanding job in the coming years.

A certified home health aide typically needs 120 hours of course work and another 60 hours of clinical work.

"Home health care growth is speaking to a larger trend that increasingly, we think that hospitals will not be the primary location, or the center, in terms of where people get treated. Whether that is off campus or home," said Steven Scarborough with the Center for Houston's Future.

Outpatient care facilities need patient care technicians, and you can find certification courses that run about 16 weeks.

Local community colleges are a good place to look for the training and career advice.

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