Women turn to Botox after bad break up

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Could happiness be found in the prick of a needle?

There are a growing number of women turning to Botox for a boost in spirits, particularly after a bad break up.

"We drink, we get together with our girlfriends, we cry, we eat too much, and then we just generally feel worse about ourselves," said Botox patient Carli Weatherhead.

Instead of indulging when a relationship ends, Weatherhead says she turns to Botox. She is one of the 6.7 million people who got the anti-aging injection last year.

"I think it's similar to a woman going and buying a new pair of shoes for herself because it makes her feel better about herself," said Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Etai Funk.

Funk says there might be a scientific reason that Botox mends a failed relationship.

"There have been some studies, psychological studies, that look at patients who get Botox for cosmetic purposes specifically in the frown areas. When we inhibit the ability to frown, those frown muscles are no longer sending signals to the emotional center of the brain saying 'hey, I'm frowning,' and therefore it leaves you in a better state and a happier state," Funk said.

Weatherhead says the explanation seems logical.

"If I look in the mirror... and I can't see myself frowning then I think 'oh, it's not that bad. It's just not that bad.' If I don't look sad, I don't feel sad, and I can get over it that much faster," Weatherhead said.

The Journal of Psychiatric Research first published the study on Botox and depression.

Funk says the only catch is that Botox injections take about two to three days to fully set in, so it is not instant happiness.
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