Woman has hands and feet amputated, makes courageous recovery

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A woman has hands and feet amputated, and with courage and the help of the medical staff, recovers (KTRK)

A Richardson mom learned a year ago that she had an infection that would require her feet and hands to be amputated, according to CNN.

The ICU staff at Baylor Plano planned a party to celebrate Kathryn Kuehn's recovery and courage.
"We said it when she was in the hospital and we still say it, she is absolutely the strongest woman that we've ever known," Nurse Michelle Constance said.

Kuehn knew she did not have a choice.

"I just would like to get back to being me and normal -- the new normal I should say," she added.

Dr. Scott Biedermann said that decisions made for Kuehn were not only hard for the families, but for the doctors as well. "Are we doing the right things, taking all these parts off is she going to be OK," was one of the questions doctors had to ponder before going through with the procedure.

Kuehn spent three months in ICU and two months in therapy to learn to use her new prosthetics, CNN reported.
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