New wireless arm patch designed to get rid of migraines

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A new wireless patch eases migraine pain by blocking pain signals

Migraines? There's a patch for that. Researchers are testing a wireless arm patch to help those who suffer from severe headaches.

The device, designed to be worn on the arm, has rubber electrodes and a chip in the patch that produces electric impulses that work to block pain signals from reaching the brain, according to researchers.
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"Two thirds of those who had the device putting out the signal saw at least a 50 percent decline in their migraine pain compared to just a quarter of those who had the fake device," said Chief Health and Medical Editor Dr. Besser.

The user friendly device would allow migraine sufferers to control the patch through a smartphone app as soon as they feel a headache coming on.

Unlike some medications, researchers said this device has no side effects.

A trial of the device with nearly 200 patients will take place soon. The patch creator hopes the device will acquire FDA approval within a year.
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