What you need to know this allergy season

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Allergy season is here, and it can make spending time outside pretty miserable. Family practitioner at UT Health Medical School shared some advice for anyone struggling with allergies.

"Allergy is an immune response formulated by the body to formulate antibodies in response to an allergy," said Dr. Pedro Aquino, of the UT Health Medical School.

Allergy responses can be triggered by pollen, grass or ragweed.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • sneezing

  • nasal congestion

  • coughing

  • post nasal drip

  • itchy eyes

  • Aquino said, when common, over-the-counter treatments stop working, you should consult a specialist.

    He explained, "Once it goes over a few weeks, it becomes chronic and can lead to irritability; it can lead to depression, it can lead to general malaise."

    He advises to look out for fever and color changes in discharge.
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