Warning: Don't completely cover stroller on hot days

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Warning: Don't completely cover stroller on hot days. Ali Gorman reports. (WPVI)

It's a common summer-time sight: plenty of parents enjoying the day outside with their kids.

One-year-old Henry loves being outside, but when the sun beats down, his mother Rachel takes extra precautions.

"We're just careful about the times of the day we go out and where were going, try to stay in the shade, that's our biggest thing," she said.

She also limits his time in the stroller and makes sure he always gets circulating air.

Pediatrician Doctor Kristen Kucharczuk says that's key.

Because while it may seem like a good way to block out the sun, completely covering a stroller can make things worse.

"And we tested to see how quickly the inside of a stroller heats up and in just about five minutes with it covered, it went from 94 degrees to 104 degrees," Kucharczuk said. "It can happen pretty quickly and pretty quietly so you really have to pay attention in extreme heat."
Kids under four are more susceptible to heat-related problems. They absorb more heat and their bodies don't cool off as well as adults.

Doctor Kucharczuk reminds parents to be smart about playing outside. Go out at cooler times, seek shade and take breaks.

"So for the older kids, call them in. They're not going to want to stop playing but say 'you know what, it's time to take a break,'" she said.

Also make sure they're drinking water and wearing loose, light clothing.

If you notice fatigue, pale and clammy skin, move inside somewhere cool.
If skin becomes hot and dry, call 911.

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