Three yoga moves to correct poor driving posture

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Does your drive around town leave you with aches and pains? Check out three yoga moves to help improve your posture (KTRK)

Does your drive around town leave you with aches and pains? Between the stress of the commute and spending hours sitting in traffic, your drive can take a toll on your health.

At Revolution Studio in West Ave, drivers are learning key moves to help relax and recover after the literally painful drive to work. Yoga instructor and studio owner Kim Syma says simply sitting in a car for long periods of time can cause tension on your hips, neck, and back.

"Having the hips at that 90 degree angle is actually shortening, tightening the hip flexors," she explained.

Syma has developed a series of stretches to help combat the physical strain that driving can put on our bodies. She says just three simple moves can help you distress and realign your body. The moves are designed to be work-appropriate, and easy enough to do in your professional attire, at your desk.

"You don't have to change clothes, you don't have to make sure nobody's around... they're actually relatively easy, simple moves you can do right then and there," Syma says.

Kim says you can re-align your upper body by sitting at your desk, flipping your palms, up, and pressing into the desk. This move opens up your shoulders, opens up the chest, and counteracts the hunching over we've been doing at the wheel. A crescent lunge can be done at the desk to help stretch the hip flexors. Simply move one foot 12 inches behind the other and gradually lunge. To stretch out the side of your body and back, Kim recommends standing with your hip at your desk, crossing your legs, and reach one arm over your head, repeating on the other side. Stretching all the way through your hands will help release tension from gripping the steering wheel too tightly.

Kim also says deep breathing, from your belly, not your chest, can help relax both your body and mind.
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