These moves will blast calories while helping you build your balance

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- When it comes to balance, it's often considered a way to rehabilitate the body. But working balance is just as important as strength training and cardio training -- in fact, The Train Station personal trainer Kendra Sauceda says working balance can actually burn a ton of calories.

Here are a few moves to get you started:

Skaters: Lift one leg off the ground and back behind your standing leg. Using your standing leg, jump laterally landing on that leg that was up, bringing your other leg back. Repeat, always keeping one leg off the floor to work your balance.

One-legged burpee: On one leg, squat down, put your hands on the ground, jump your leg out into a plank position, jump your foot in and jump up. If this is too advanced, balance on one leg, squat down to the ground, walk both legs out, jump both legs in, and then stand up on one leg and hop up.

Break dance: Get into a bear crawl position -- get onto all fours, but lift your knees off the floor. Take your right leg in and kick it through to the left side, simultaneously raising your left arm to the sky. Get back to bear crawl position and repeat on the other side.

Push-up twist and lift: Do a push-up and then twist to the right and lift your right arm to the sky. Do a push-up and twist and raise your left arm to the left.

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