Texas health officials warn of mercury-tainted skin cream from Mexico

Texas health officials are warning consumers after finding mercury in some skin creams sold in Mexico.

The alert comes after the state says a Texas woman spent 10 days in the hospital due to mercury poisoning. A pharmacy in Mexico mixed the face cream for her, apparently adding mercury to a name brand product.

Lab tests showed the product she used contained 29,000 parts per million of inorganic mercury. In the U.S., the sale of skin cream with more than 1 ppm of mercury is not allowed.

State leaders say the creams sold in Mexico and other countries claim to lighten the skin, treat acne, and fade freckles and age spots.

According to health officials, mercury has been found in products imported from Mexico and sold in Texas at flea markets or person to person.

Consumers are urged to buy cosmetics in their original containers from reputable retailers in the United States.
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