Technology advancements lead to creation of waterproof casts

GREENVILLE, South Carolina -- A broken bone during summer might not be holding you back from making a splash anymore.

Dr. Michael Beckish, chief of pediatric orthopedics at Greenville Health System, says the technology behind waterproof casts has improved.

"The technology has gotten significantly better, they're easier to dry, they're easier to put on," Beckish told WYFF.

Compared to 20 years ago when patients had to wrap up their casts in trash bags to keep it from getting wet, the inside liner is now water resistant and the padding and cast itself are waterproof.

Beckish adds that patients with waterproof casts should make sure they drain it and let the excess water out.

The waterproof casts come in 16 colors, giving kids at least a little fun if they're stuck wearing one.

"That is all that is important to a kid is they can draw on it and they can get it wet," Beckish said.