Summer skincare: Beat the shine and breakouts

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston's humidity gives us all glow, but could that extra moisture in the air be wreaking havoc on our skin?

During the summer months, Dr. Sherry Ingraham of Advanced Dermatology and Skincare says she sees an increase in patients - not because of sunburns, but because of oily, acne-prone skin.

Michele Deutsch is one of the patients. She loves exercising, but she doesn't love what it does to her skin in the summer.

"It's so humid here that my skin, which normally isn't oily, gets oily. I'm washing my skin more than I should be washing it to take the oil off my skin," says Deutsch.

Dr. Ingraham says continuous to wash isn't the best answer.

"What you want to think about in the summer is cleansing but not over-stripping, which can lead to more oil, so I recommend using micellar waters," says Dr. Ingraham.

Micellar waters clean the pores without over-cleansing.

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"Also, you can use toners. Skinceuticals makes a great LHA toner that penetrates into the pores and get bacteria and inhibit oil production," Ingraham explained.

After washing and toning, Ingraham says, "In the morning, you can apply something like Blemish and Age Defense by Skinceuticals. It's kind of a dual product that has an anti-aging benefits but also, over time will inhibit oil production."

Then, Dr. Ingraham says avoid over-applying heavy makeup like foundation in the summer and look for a tinted sunscreen.

"Some of my favorites are Elta. They make a great oil-free tinted sunscreen. Neutrogena also makes a great clear sunscreen for acne-prone skin, and then one of the best things you can do is keep in your gym bag, your purse is sunscreen powders," adds Dr. Ingraham.

Sunscreen powders are great on the go and act as a mattifier. Colorescience has a SPF 50 Brush-On Sunscreen that gets rave reviews.

"Several skincare lines that we know and love now make makeup that have an acne-fighting benefit. Neutrogena makes moisturizers, but they also make makeup foundations that are SPF-containing and salicylic acid-containing," says Dr. Ingraham.

At night, to help with oil and breakouts, Dr. Ingraham recommends retinoids, or if they're too strong for your skin, she has another option.

"I recommend MD Rejuvena because they have copper chlorophyllin, which is a natural substance derived from grass that inhibits the sebum and oil of the skin but also contains retinol, which is a great anti-aging ingredient," says Ingraham.

Finally, Dr. Ingraham recommends the Light Therapy Acne Mask by Neutrogena. The blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, and the red light reduces inflammation. It comes with 30 10-minute treatments, and it only costs $34.99.

As for Deutsch, she's happy to have some oil and acne fighting products in her skincare arsenal.

"Oh, they're great. They've really helped a lot," says Deutsch.

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