Summer health hazards you need to know about

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The heat is on summer health problems from spotting (KTRK)

It's summer -- so that means it's hot out -- time for some fun in the sun. But, it's also a time for nasty bacteria to thrive and that can ruin your good time.

Let's start with all that outdoor food.

If you think all the food poisoning issues are in mom's potato salad that is sweating all day on the table, think again. Improperly cooked meat can send you running to the bathroom faster than a soupy salad. If you use those frozen patties, make sure they are properly thawed and cooked to the right internal temperature to kill off all e-coli bugs.

What about a nice frozen treat? Listeria is one bacteria that likes to chill out in ice cream machines. It can cause fever and muscle aches and is very dangerous for pregnant women. The ice cream machines need to be properly and regularly scrubbed to scratch that off your list.

And if your air conditioning is a life-line during the dog days of summer, there are some disgusting things that cling to those vents. Mold, dust, and pollution from outside can cause serious breathing issues. Change and clean your filter regularly -- at least once during the summer months.

The pool is also another spot to watch out for bacteria. Chlorine doesn't necessarily kill everything. A CDC study found that only one in 10 pools in properly chlorinated. That can put you at risk of bacteria that can cause diarrhea.
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