Ease pain and aches with Melt Method

MISSOURI CITY, TX (KTRK) -- Everyday living often creates pain and tension within our bodies.

When a Missouri City fitness instructor realized many of her clients were working out despite dealing with chronic pain, she wanted to help.

"I can see people when they come in here - they're stiff, they're not moving well. It's very hard to strengthen a body that doesn't want to move," said fitness instructor Beth Posa.

She heard about an innovative technique called the Melt Method, and knew that it had the potential to eliminate her clients' pain.

The Melt Method uses a soft roller to stimulate hands-on manual therapy. By melting on the roller, it rehydrates connective tissue and re-balances the nervous system.

"It's a very gentle technique that goes in and draws fluid to these areas and pushes fluid through to ease inflammation. It's a very kind, pain free technique," Posa said.

The self-treatment system helps prepare the body for more strenuous exercise. Most people only need to do it for 15 minutes three times a week to see the results.

One of Posa's clients had a neck and back injury from when he was in the military.

"It caught up with me to the point that I could not turn my head, and if I did turn my head, it felt like every blood vessel in my brain was going to burst out," said fitness client Jim Muckridge.

Joanne Gore is another client that was experiencing pain after she fell and slipped on ice.

"I fell and broke my wrist and hurt my back and had a concussion. I just hurt every day," Gore said.

Both Muckridge and Gore decided to try Posa's pilates class as a form of low impact exercise, but the pain was still there. Then they tried Melt Method.

"The closest thing to say to describe it is...like a massage, except you're doing it to yourself," Gore said.

Both Gore and Muckridge exercise on a regular basis now and are pain free.

"It works. It works for me," Muckridge said.


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