Student athletes at one Ft. Bend ISD high school contract staph infections

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Fort Bend ISD says three student athletes have tested positive for staph infections.

The three students are currently on the Bush High School basketball team. Two were diagnosed in the last few days and another case was confirmed Wednesday night, according to a district spokesperson.

"Basketball is a very physical sport. ... It's really easy for it to spread and become really bad!" said the mother of one player who tested positive. She asked us not to identify her.

An FBISD spokesperson says the three basketball players confirmed with staph are among five cases reported to the district this season. That's concerning for parents of others on the team who haven't contracted it.

"I'm a concerned parent. It's not just about my child, it's about all the children," said concerned mother Shabrina Mckee.

She wonders if the problem was exacerbated by a lack of hot water available in the field house at Bush High. She wonders how uniforms could be cleaned properly and hands washed thoroughly if there was not hot water. She claims it's been out for months.

FBISD insists it has fixed the hot water issue. A spokesperson says facilities have been disinfected with a hospital-grade disinfectant and parents will receive a message to inform them of the situation.

The three students on the team have been cleared by doctors to play. They have been instructed in necessary precautions to reduce the likelihood of spreading the infection. The team tips off against Kempner High tonight at 6pm.

You can find the letter sent to parents here:

    Dear Bush High School Parents,

    Bush High School has received reports of several cases of staph infections among some of our student athletes, and in an effort to keep you informed, I want to make you aware of what is being done to prevent the spread of infection. At this time, this has only impacted a small number of our athletes, but as a precaution, I want to share information with all of our parents.
    Staphylococcus aureus, or staph, is a common germ that many people carry in their nasal passages, under fingernails or on their skin with no ill effects. Staph is spread by direct (skin to skin) human contact or with direct contact to wound drainage of someone who is carrying or infected with the bacteria. The BHS students who have been affected are receiving medical treatment from a doctor, and with physician consent, have been cleared to continue playing while taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread. This includes keeping open sores or lesions clean and covered, and practicing good hygiene practices.
    Upon learning about the cases of staph infections, Fort Bend ISD initiated disinfection procedures in accordance to District and CDC protocols. This is in addition to our regular, daily cleaning and with hospital-grade products.
    Staph infections begin abruptly. Symptoms may include a large area of redness on the skin, swelling, and pain, followed by boils or red, lumpy sores. If you or any family members exhibit these symptoms, you are encouraged to contact your family doctor.
    Students and their family members should also take the following precautions to help prevent skin infections:

    Encourage frequent hand washing with soap and warm water.
    Avoid contact with other people's wounds or anything contaminated by a wound.
    Avoid sharing personal items such as razors, towels, deodorant, or soap that directly touch the body.
    Encourage students who participate in contact sports to shower immediately after each practice, game, or match.
    Keep open or draining sores and lesions clean and covered.

    The health and safety of all of our students is the District's top priority, and I appreciate your continued support.
    Dr. Cecilia Crear

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