FIVE TO FAB: SoulCycle comes to Houston

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It's the workout on a bike that's popular among celebrities in New York and Los Angeles, and now it's here in Houston.

"SoulCycle is indoor cycling reinvented. It's basically cardio on a bike where we really get to engage our cardiovascular, muscular-skeletal and neuromuscular systems," explains SoulCycle Instructor Chanelle Lagace.

The music's loud and the lighting's dim.

"It's really an energy. I can't describe it," says cyclist Chris Brown.

Riders exercise to the beat of the music.

"When you have the rhythm, and everybody's moving side to side all together, and you're close to one another, you really feel that energy in the room, and you feel that energy in the room. It's one of a kind," says Lagace.

It's an aerobic and anaerobic workout.

"The speed and resistance - that's where it is. That little dial - that's going to be your best friend throughout the class. You're really going to turn it up a lot in the room. You're going to be challenged. It's going to make your body and mind change," adds Lagace.

For Katie Dillon, it's the one workout that's transformed her exercise routine. "It pushes me. You don't sweat like this in any other workout."

"A lot of people think, 'Oh, I'm spinning. I'm just going to work my legs and my heart.' No, you're going to work your entire body. Our workout allows you to be further back on the bike, so you're forced to use your core the entire ride," says Lagace.

It's for all levels.

"I personally have never been an athlete, so for me, it's the only thing that's made me feel like an athlete," says Dillon.

It's a lifestyle.

"It keeps me coming back. It keeps me feeling good, so I like that," adds Brown.

SoulCycle's newest studio is in River Oaks at 2549 Kirby Drive.
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