Report: Hazardous chemicals in some products sold at Houston-area dollar stores

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The campaign for healthier solutions claim earrings made by Mix and Company contain 10 times the amount of lead suitable by federal government standards.

Deyadira Trevino from the Texas Environmental Justice Organization said, "It is affordable; however it comes with a price. The metals contained in these earrings also contain levels of lead."

We also found bath products sold in Houston Family Dollar stores. The claim on this vinyl floor runner is that it contains high level of phthalates, the chemical can cause a number of medical problems in children and expectant mothers.

Bath Tub Appliques, also sold at Family Dollar, were on the list. The claim from the campaign says high phthalates.

Family Dollar responded to these allegations in this statement. It said, "We monitor and manage all private brand and direct import ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and our corporate quality standards."

Also on the list are children's headbands sold at Dollar General. The Campaign claims it found more phthalates.

Dollar General responded in a statement, "The allegations raised by the Campaign for Healthier Solutions are in direct conflict with Dollar General's well-established standards and practices." And that "...Dollar General uses accredited, third-party testing organizations that follow regulated guidelines and protocols to test all products that the company directly imports."

None of the dollar store companies said they would pull the products in question off the shelves. Although, Dollar Tree said that they are in the process of reviewing the items listed in Wednesday's report and its testing results.
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