Procedure offers permanent way to get rid of sweat and odor

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Sometimes summer can feel like it's year-round in Houston and if you sweat a lot, you know just how much of your life you have to plan around it.

MiraDry is a permanent way to ditch the deodorant and antiperspirants so you can be sweat-free for the summer and all year long. The treatment eliminates sweat glands with the heatwaves of electromagnetic energy.

With only 2 percent of our sweat glands found under our arms, Doctor Richard LeConey with the Institute of Anti-Aging Medicine and Skin Spa in Houston says MiraDry won't hurt your body's ability to cool off.

"It's not going to have any effect on your heat tolerance, endurance or anything like that," said LeConey. "So, all the sweat glands are operating normally."

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Doctor LeConey says there is no downtime after the procedure, but there can be some bruising and swelling underneath the arms.

MiraDry also reduces armpit hair. A plus for women, but for men like Shawn Calhoun, he says he isn't worried about what isn't under his arms. Calhoun is an oil and gas engineer who regularly sweats through his shirts.

"The only place I'm worried about not having much hair is the top of my head," said Calhoun, jokingly.

MiraDry was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2011, though medical professionals have been using similar electromagnetic technology for years in the fields of cardiology, general surgery, urology and oncology.

The MiraDry treatment takes about an hour and costs $2,000. A follow up treatment may be needed for some patients.
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