Plastic surgery for men? See why more men are undergoing the procedure

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More men getting plastic surgery to improve looks, Pooja Lodhia reports.

If you've watched former President Bill Clinton at the Democratic National Convention, you might have thought, "He looks good for 69!"

But, look closely. Is it all natural?

"He's had laser resurfacing. He's had ample amounts of BOTOX. He's had fillers," said plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose.

Dr. Rose has never treated Clinton but says he knows plastic surgery when he sees it.

When Dr. Rose started practicing decades ago, men made up about five percent of his clientele. Now, it's more like 20 percent.

Jay Olivares, 28, has had his lips done.

"Nowadays the trend is to look youthful," Olivares explained. "Who wants to look old?"
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