Rhinoplasty without the hassle- 5 minute nose jobs

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Our nose is the most pronounced feature on our face, and it's also the one feature that often makes people feel self-conscious. Rhinoplasty is an expensive option to change our appearance, but it requires weeks of downtime. So, now, there's another way to get the nose we want. Whether it humps, dips, or is just plain crooked, a nose could be fixed in just five minutes.

Peyton Harbuck never liked her nose.

"Ever since high school, I kind of got made fun of for one, having a big nose, and then I have a big hump right here that I've always been self-conscious about," says Harbuck.

Harbuck tried to use makeup to cover up it, but it wasn't enough. She decided it was time to fix her nose. She wanted a rhinoplasty, but as a college student, it wasn't in her budget.

She visited Facial Plastic Surgeon Sanaz Harirchian at Houston Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery who recommended a more affordable option.

"A five-minute nose job is a nonsurgical liquid rhinoplasty where fillers are added to the nose to change the appearance of the nose," says Dr. Harirchian. "It lasts nine to 12 months, and if for some reason, the patient doesn't like it, you inject a medication, and it goes away."

Dr. Harirchian uses the hyaluronic acid filler to camouflage Harbuck's hump, but filler is also used to add height to a bridge, add to the tip of the nose, or to correct a previous rhinoplasty.

April Gutierrez went to Dr. Harirchian to fix her past nose job.

"I had my nose done years ago, and as I got older my profile didn't stay straight," says Gutierrez.

She had a liquid nose job 18 months ago, and she's back today for another treatment.

"I really like it. It's easy, quick, and instant results," says Gutierrez.

"People do it at lunchtime, and they go back to work the same day, there's no downtime," explains Dr. Harirchian.

For Harbuck, testing out filler rather than going under the knife was the way to go.

"It looks great. I feel like a brand new person," adds Harbuck

A five minute nose job usually requires one syringe of filler, and that costs about $650, compared to a rhinoplasty, which ranges from $6,000 to $12,000. Dr. Harirchian says this is a precise treatment and requires a trained and experienced eye, so be very particular about who you select to do yours.

You can see before and after pictures below.

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