New Jersey bill would make smoking with kids in car a ticket-able offense

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Michelle Charlesworth has details on the proposal in the State Senate. (WABC)

Smokers in New Jersey may soon be facing a fine if they light up with kids in the car.

A bill was introduced into the state senate that would allow police to ticket people smoking with children 17 or under in the car.

"This bill is requiring that parents in a car with kids not smoke, because we have to take care, they have no say so," Assemblyman Charles Mainor said.

Mainor is the co-sponsor of the bill, along with State Senator Joseph Vitale.

It would be a secondary offense, which means drivers cannot be pulled over for the smoking and would first need to be pulled over for another violation.

Longstanding research says that second-hand smoke can cause health problems for children.

The fine would run $100.
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