Men having 'bro-sectomy' parties to get vasectomies

BEVERLY HILLS, California (KTRK) -- A Beverly Hills doctor is offering company during a medical procedure that's a sensitive topic for men.

It's a vasectomy party with your closest friends.

Half a million American men undergo a vasectomy every year. Even though it's a quick procedure, it could be scary for some.

Dr. Paul Tarek came up with "bro-sectomies."

It's a vasectomy party with a buddy or buddies who all undergo the procedure one after the other.

While waiting, they're pampered and given food and other treats.

Doctor Tarek started this in 2013. His first patients were two college buddies on a reunion.

Doctor Tarek says the patients who underwent the procedure with a buddy recovered faster than those who went at it alone. He would not reveal how much this "bro-sectomy" costs.

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