Makeup tips to keep you looking young

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Aging isn't fun. It usually starts with some age spots on your cheeks, then crow's feet around the eyes and then you might notice your skin texture altering a bit. If you don't change your makeup to go along with your skin changes, your makeup could make you look older instead of younger.

That's exactly what Jennifer Espey doesn't want to have happen to her.

"I'm 48, so I'm kind of nervous about turning the big 5-0," Espey said.

With the big birthday around the corner, Espey wants to look her best. She usually keeps her daytime makeup to a minimum, but when she hits the town, she feels her makeup needs a makeover.

"I don't want to overdo it, because I feel like that could make me look older than I am," added Espey.

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According to The Upper Hand Salon owner Rachel Gower, if you're wearing the same makeup you wore a decade ago, it's time for a beauty consultation.

"One of the common ways your makeup could make you look older is your foundation. So, the no-no's would be keep away from anything heavy and don't use it where you don't need it," explained Gower.

"Instead, use a concealer and a BB cream, and only put it where you need it," she added.

Finish with a brightening wand and diffusing powder.

"The second no-no is keep away from harsh lip color. It doesn't mean you can't use a bright color, but it does mean you don't want anything too matte or too shiny. Instead, go for something creamy or hydrating," Gower said.

But there is a caveat -- if you have thin lips, keep your lip color light.

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"When it comes to your yes, avoid liquid eye liner. This could look harsh," advised Gower. "Instead, use a soft pencil, something that's smudgeable, for a softer look."

Next, you have to fill in your brows, but as Gower explained, it isn't easy.

"Here's the thing -- too much brow looks old. Too little brow looks old. So, you have to find the happy medium right in between. We love the brow gels that are tinted, because it will give a natural look and keep your brows in place," she said.

"Another thing that could age you is too much contouring or too much blush, so we're trying to avoid anything harsh. We want everything blended and diffused, so stick with creamy blushes and bronzers when you can," she said.

For Espey, these tips were just the make-under she needs for a night out.

"It feels very fresh and natural. I like how lightweight it feels," said Espey.

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