This kettlebell workout will get your blood pumping

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- One of my favorite pieces of equipment is a kettlebell. I was introduced to it years ago, and I went and bought one right away. It's a piece of equipment that tones, works the core and gets your cardio in.

I recently went over to Brick Houston, where head trainer and general manager Cole Warner taught me a kettlebell quick workout.

KETTLEBELL SWING - With your legs hip-width apart, hold the kettlebell between your legs. Bend your knees slightly and then swing your arms up. You can lift the bell up to eye level or you can lift overhead. This works legs, glutes, core, and back.

KETTLEBELL SQUAT SWING - This move is just like the regular kettlebell swing, except you're adding a squat. Squat, pick up the kettlebell, squat, do a kettlebell swing, squat, and put down on the ground. This works both the quads and hamstrings.

GOBLET SQUAT - Hold the kettlebell right at the chest and squat, keeping the back straight.

DEADLIFT - Hold one kettlebell between your legs at shoulder-width apart or two kettlebells outside of your legs with your legs a little closer. Bend your knees. Keep your back straight and reach the kettlebells down to the ground until they tap. Lift body back up using your glutes.

ROW - Get into a deadlift position, keeping your back straight and lift your kettlebell up toward your chest and back down.

Try to do 10-15 challenging reps of each. Three rounds are optimal.

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