Is your diet sabotaging your workouts?

Is your mouth costing you time and money every time you go to the gym? abc13's Patricia Lopez spoke with experts who explain why the diet is so important.

You push, you pull, you pump. The end goal is a better you, but you might be spinning your wheels if you're not getting the food you need to fuel your workout. Certified personal trainer and competitor Kathy Laucius says it is imperative to eat before and after the workout to burn fat.

Part of speeding up your metabolism is building lean muscle. You cannot do that if you're not fueling properly before and after the whole workout, Kathy said.

Always eat a pre-workout meal an hour or two before you lift weights. Your meal should consist of a protein and a complex carbohydrate so it gives you long-term energy, like three egg whites and oatmeal. Another example is chicken breast and brown rice. Or, why not try turkey and whole wheat pasta?

Your post workout meal is even more important. You're looking to recover from the workout.

Post workout meals includes more protein and a simple carbohydrates. Before you start any exercise routine check with your doctor.

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